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 Hybrid hit lock sin

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PostSubject: Hybrid hit lock sin   Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:27 am

I read some information that besides dual dagger, critical, soul breaker ,and sonic blow sin there's also a type called Hybrid-hit-lock sin here,s the info i got:

maybe this is the highest aspd assassin, or even the highest aspd of all classes. This is not very different from a normal strength katar assassin. No crit, can use Sonic Blow. But the difference, also the deadliest of this build is that hybrid hit lock assassin can do Double Attack thank to Sidewinder card. We all know Sidewinder card enables to do lv 1 Double Attack with all weapons but it's level 10 if the user has lv 10 of this skill, so when an assassin having Double Attack level 10, with this card, he can do Double Attack level 10-double attack rate 50%- with katar, totally like a dual dagger assassin but have higher aspd. We all know how fast a katar assassin is, but this build is much faster cuz he does double attack, double aspd.

So all we need for this build is a katar- Jur[3] or Spec Jur[4]- with Sidewinder card, Doppelganger to boost aspd, and another card adding ATK-I think so. The stat is beneath:

STR: 80-100
AGI: 80-100
VIT: 40-60
INT: 1-12
DEX: 40-60
LUK: 1

Focus on ASPD, DEX 40 to enable u to hit-lock-rarely miss-, VIT to make u tougher, all aim to lock down your enemy by normal attack, it focuses on ASPD more than damage, pumping both AGI and DEX to achieve hit-lock. This build in fact is more effective for Assassin Cross than for Assassin because the card slot given up to put a Sidewinder Card is balanced by the increase in attack given by Advanced Katar Mastery.[u]
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Hybrid hit lock sin
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