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 Guild Poems

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PostSubject: Guild Poems   Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:58 am

Well since a poem is a form of art why not?

The pain that seems to hide so deeply.
Holding me back from the words I wish to say.
Keeping me bound in silence as I wonder.
Why must you do this to me?
All the lies and pain you put me into.
All because I wanted to please you.
Yet now when I look back I realize...
I truly love you.
With all my heart and soul I wanted to be with you.
Every day and waking moment I wanted you.
Then it all had to end.
From the words of another you dropped what we had.
Tossed aside like a piece of scratch paper.
Burnt like a candle out of it's wick.
But now it's time I stop looking back.
Move on and live the life I always wanted.
A life of true happiness.
With out pain and lies.

And this one was wrote for my son...Who sadly never came into this world.

A life

With out warning.
A sign of some sort from up above you where taken from me
The unborn of my dreams snatched away by the daemons of the after life
Taken and hidden for me too never lay my eyes upon thee.
IT wasn't until this day I realized how much I truly wanted you.
It seems that good guys always finish last.
Not only in life but in the unborn
You would have been a great man Kayden
A wonderful baby boy you would have made.
I never realized how much I needed you.
How much I truly wished this day never had too come.
I love you; and I'll never be able too tell you.
I'll never be able too hold you in my arms.
Look into your eyes and see a little bit of my self.
For once I am truly lost in my own world.
Wondering what I will do with out my baby boy.
But all things happen for a reason I was told.
Perhaps you are looking down on your daddy and knowing all this.
Knowing that with out you I won't know what too do.
I love you my son.
And daddy will never forget you.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Poems   Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:07 am


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Guild Poems
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